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It was at the age of seven that I first held a cello and began learning to play. I later attended a conference on stringed instrument making by a passionate violin maker who inspired me to take up this trade.

After several internships in Cyrille HEMERY's workshop, I entered the Jean-Baptiste VUILLAUME National Violin Making School in Mirecourt in 1996. There I acquired the basics of the trade with Michel LEGEARD and Dominique NICOSIA. I obtained the C.A.P. and the 'Brevet de Technicien Luthier' in 1999.

To deepen my training, I worked two years at Luc MUSELET’s workshop in Lille, where I worked on repairs and  manufacturing. I then joined the workshop of Charles-Luc HOMMEL in Marseille.

For more than 18 years I was able to continue to search and improve my restoration and tuning techniques with the musicians in order to find the best possible sound for their instrument.

I have had the chance to study and work on ancient Italian, French and German instruments of the 17th and 18th centuries, to analyse all the details and caracteristics, which today inspire me for the instruments I make.

In my workshop in Toulouse, I divide my time between making and repairing / restoring / adjusting instruments.

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